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I am throughly enjoying a read of Stephen Kings’s time travel thriller relating to the Kennedy Assassination, 11/22/63.  For me it is a journey back in time as I was around then. Damn , giving away my age, but it is true to life capturing the essence of some of the southern states, circa early sixties. I was a tadpole in Key West from 62 to 64. The craft of genius that King displays makes me relive some adventures, good and bad. He is indeed one of the Masters of our literary scene.  I haven’t finished the book yet but I bet it will have a unique ending. It just has to considering the premise upon which King started the story, going back in time to thwart Lee Harvey.

Another writer I would like to give a shout out to is a good friend of mine, Shelly Arnfield. She has just hit the physical press with a couple of stories in an anthology being released on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.ca/Canadian-Tales-Mysterious-Various/dp/1927049016/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346882946&sr=8-1 I encourage you to take the time and coin to seek this out and introduce yourself to this up and coming star.

Autumn is upon those of us in the northern hemisphere. As an artist I appreciate the soft light and deepened shadows that nature affords this time of year. I also find encouragement that with the return of winter schedules I will have more time for writing… Let the third novel take off!

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After several years and numerous disappointments I have decided to seize control of my own writing career and self publish. This has been a tough decision. Traditionalists might claim that self publishing is a route of lesser prominence and esteeme. Well each to their own opinion. I’m prepared to test my product in the market place… if readers don’t like my work so be it, at least they’ll have the oportunity to view it.

Electronic media will be my choice. Paper bound production is too expensive for the humble quantity of books I expect to sell.  E Book format provides the means of reasonable return for an affordable product.  Preparation is underway, a cover has been created by talented graphic artist Tania Craan, and the formating will be completed by 52Books.com.

I look forward to announcing the launch of my thriller Pacific Flyways in September.

Watch for it

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I just had the opportunity to read Mike Lawson’s The second Perimeter. The wait was worth it. The second in his DeMarco series has just the right balance of humor and suspense to keep readers thumbing through to the next chapter, before putting the book to bed for the night. I have  enough experience with counter terrorist investigations to know that the material rings true. Perhaps the bad girl is just a bit super reflexed and her aim uncanny but then that’s one of the things that makes it such a good read. His main co-protagonist Emma reminds me of someone I once rubbed shoulders with.

For those researching for a good summer read check out Mike’s website WWW.mikelawsonbooks.com

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