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My Grand father survived the first World War. Swept up in patriotic fever he joined his fellow classmates, first year med school, and marched into the nearest recruiting office. When they arrived in Europe, allegedly as stretcher bearers, wise heads prevailed and the class was returned to complete their studies in time to join the fight as medical doctors. He did his duty and eventually went on to serve once again as a surgeon in the second war. He was deeply affected by the trenches. Apparently he returned home to Vancouver Island with a stutter which eventually disappeared, but he rarely spoke about what he had endured. However, I can remember sitting on his knee on one of those rare occasions as he fixed me with an unflinching stare and said,

“It was never the same, I was never the same.”

I was eight when he died, old enough to know that something significant had transformed his generation and have respectfully participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I entered University as a history major that I began to pull together threads which enabled me to grasp how significant the guns of August, one hundred years ago, would be. The tottering empires of imperial Europe were swept away and rigid division between social classes blurred, eventually to all but vanish. Women in the Western world made significant gains towards equality with men. Communism took root and fomented a revolution of social economic struggle destined to shake the world for three more generations. Science, ignited by the specter of military slaughter, surged forward at an unprecedented rate in areas both deadly and beneficial to humanity.

Chasing the Dragon’s Tail unwinds during this momentous period and is a fictional story based upon historical facts. Set on the West Coast of North America, it is a yarn of what might have been and what did happen. Next week I will begin posting a series of preview chapters. Sit back and enjoy the ride…

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