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I am a hobbbist writer.  I haven’t published anything since I won a contest in grade ten. The subject then was a local country fair that has been around for ever, and is regularly featured in the social page of the newspaper. In short, as long as I didn’t drop the ‘F bomb’ I was guaranteed ink. The thought that one day I might be a writer never crossed my mind. Then I discovered that writing was a fun means of escaping vicariously into adventures. With a bit of encouragement I finished two novels and felt like I was ready to launch into the public eye. That’s when my comfort zone evaporated.  Writing for personal enjoyment and for publication, in my case, are not always comfortable room mates. I can prattle away , placing script on digital slate, and if no one is going to see it then who cares. If something is going into the public realm, a wee bit of me goes on display with it.

This is where my comfort zone is challenged. At some point in my struggle to be a published author I will need to break out of my ‘C’ zone, to take risks and allow others to critique and correct. If you don’t prune a fruit tree regularly its production is stunted.

Complacency, being enshrouded in your comfort zone,  is not a healthy situation for a serious writer.  I’m a bit hesitant but increasingly convinced that I’ll have to risk and fail  numerous times before getting to where I want to be.  But… maybe just a few minutes longer in the ‘C’ zone.

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