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Municipal politics in my area can be interesting. It was revealed recently that taxpayers had been honoring  the salary of a council member who had apparently moved to the Cayman Islands. Six months of salary for basically no services rendered. This anomaly came to light when the press noted the absence of said Councillor for numerous consecutive council meetings.  Once the fifth estate latched onto this tidbit  it was revealed that the mayor and council had been aware of his absence and indeed had voted in-camera ( read in private) to grant the absent council member six months of grace with full salary( approximately $6000).  Eventually, numerous attempts by journalists to locate and interview the southernmost politician prompted his resignation.

The absent seat  must be filled in a timely manner through by-election. The wheels are in motion to hold this exercise in the spring. Just before Christmas, in a move dear to the heart of Scrooge, a majority of council voted to nix the mail ballot for upcoming spring elections. The move expected to save tax dollars( around $1400) would effectively disenfranchise potential house bound/bedridden voters. Geriatric indignation was swift and vocal. As most potential disenfranchised voters come from this demographic, a threatened march to council chambers by the walker brigade was gleefully speculated upon by the press and media.

In a special council meeting a few days later, the amendment to regulations for the up coming by-election was rescinded.

And they say things in a sleepy  rural community aren’t interesting…Can’t wait to see public disclosure relating to our new proposed $16 million dollar municipal hall.

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