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After a lengthy road, with many twists and hills, I have finally reached the milestone of publishing my first book. Pacific Flyways is now available via Amazon.com and Smashwords.com for electronic download. It has been quite the journey with many individuals assisting and influencing along the way. A journey of growth and reinvention, but one well worth the effort. Writing is a joy for me. It enables escape into worlds and adventures otherwise unattainable, while at the same time, sharing the experience with others. I can reveal some of the weird travels my mind flits off to from time to time.

In Pacific Flyways I invite you to join me as I pull back the curtain on the world of rookie RCMP constable Grayden Swift as he confronts terrorist threats, and romantic entanglements, in the rugged beauty of the Broughton Archipelago, on the northern end of Vancouver Island. Sometimes the smallest events can have a ripple effect on the world, far beyond your wildest imagination.

So take a few moments, read some sample chapters, and see if you want to risk $4.99 on a good read. Here are the links:




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After several years and numerous disappointments I have decided to seize control of my own writing career and self publish. This has been a tough decision. Traditionalists might claim that self publishing is a route of lesser prominence and esteeme. Well each to their own opinion. I’m prepared to test my product in the market place… if readers don’t like my work so be it, at least they’ll have the oportunity to view it.

Electronic media will be my choice. Paper bound production is too expensive for the humble quantity of books I expect to sell.  E Book format provides the means of reasonable return for an affordable product.  Preparation is underway, a cover has been created by talented graphic artist Tania Craan, and the formating will be completed by 52Books.com.

I look forward to announcing the launch of my thriller Pacific Flyways in September.

Watch for it

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